"Truth In The Ashes", the third studio album by award-winning singer/songwriter Joe Bresler, firmly showcases the unique blend of pop, rock, and soul music that has earned him a large and loyal following all over Southern California. "Truth In The Ashes" is an lush and anthemic collection of vignettes, detailing Bresler's earlier, wilder years.

Joe's debut album, "California King" (2006), as well as the follow up "Light and Tunnels" (2009),have been critically and commercially recognized worldwide, and the release of "Truth In The Ashes" establishes his place among the brightest young stars in American music.  Joe Bresler is a new voice, bringing genuine, passionate, and intelligent song-writing back to the mainstream.

Joe has been acknowledged as a major force in many national music publications, including Music Connection Magazine, which placed Joe on their list of the Top 100 artists in California and declared that Joe "deserves serious industry attention".  The Rockit Magazine stated that Joe's songs were "soulful, well-crafted creations... featuring a warmth that many of his contemporaries lack... full of conviction and passion".  Joe will be touring in support of "Truth In The Ashes" throughout 2016!!!